Last night, Paddy (who plays keyboards with me as well as his own songs and multi-instruments) and I organised our second Songwriter Evening in Bristol at the cosy Halo Bar on Gloucester Road.

Mark Darkside

It went brilliantly well. We have a format of 4 people playing 3 songs each then a break and in the second half a couple more people playing 3 songs finishing off with a paid featured artist who plays a longer headline set. The people playing the 3 songs come in for free and a drink, the audience pay only £3 and the headline person gets a cut dependent on the number of people who attend – it seems to be a win win formula. I do the promotion and line-up, Paddy does the PA and co-organises.

Julie Dawn

It went very well with a decent sized appreciative crowd and some really excellent music ranging from acapella to electronica.

We’re planning on running the sessions every other month or so as it’s great for people to have a chance to showcase their material without having to organise a whole gig themselves or for those who aren’t quite ready to do a longer set. It’s a more polished performance than an open mic as people practice their set and know they’re going to play.

Anyway – any Bristol songwriters out there who are interested in playing – get in touch and we’ll try and schedule you in.

Lou Bell