Today I had to have a root canal treatment done – yes you read that right – less than a week before I go off to Africa. It’s been awful – howling toothache and electric shocks in my head every time I had a hot drink or hot food.

I was very nervous today as he couldn’t promise he could fix it and I’ve had to take anti-biotics to reduce the swelling in the gum below the tooth. But he did a wonderful job and when the anaesthetic wore off I had my first cup of tea without it being agony for weeks!

I’m optimistic now that it’ll settle down alright for my flight next Weds morning. It’s only a temporary filling so he said I have to buy a travel tooth filling kit in case the filling comes out in Africa and then he’ll do the permanent filling when I come back.

I suppose it would have been worse if the tooth had actually started flaring up over there but I could have done without this right now!!!!