I came to my blog yesterday in the mood to post something and found it blacked out to support the Wiki objection to the PIPA and SOPA acts in the USA. Although I agree that online piracy isn’t a good thing the terms of these acts are much too far-reaching and would have a terrible effect on the internet Avaaz petition.

Meanwhile, my lovely man has gone off to Africa to start preparations for the Kartong Festival in the Gambia and I’ll be joining him later – so missing him like crazy but getting on with things. My son’s in India at the same time and my sisters live in Australia so it feels like half my loved ones are all spread out around the world!

I had a frustrating day in the studio yesterday trying to record some nice flute parts on a track and I just couldn’t get it right. It goes like that sometimes – the bits you think would be easy take ages and other bit you think will take ages go easily! Plus I’m feeling a bit off colour, slightly virusish (if that’s a word) and that doesn’t help.

I’m still really enjoying being in Bristol though, being able to see my mum and friends regularly as well as regular practices with Paddy, getting on with all my music projects and going to see other musicians playing locally.