At last I’ve set up this new blog as Efx3 is being closed. I’m actually typing this on my Mac mini tablet to see how it works and it’s easy to use so I can blog “on the hoof”.

I’ve been awfully slack about blogging since Facebook came along, just doing short status updates but I’ve just been reading through my old posts and it makes me remember how useful a fuller record of things is to me even if hardly anyone reads this!

So, I’m going to try and keep it up again.

This last couple of weeks P’s been away in Gambia and I’ve made a big effort to do creative things and see people. I spent 3 days with my daughter and grand daughter which was lovely and a couple of days in London with my son. I’ve been on visits, been to the theatre, I’ve done 3 open mics, finished a song, done a watercolour painting and cleaned the house as well as had to deal with a few issues and family matters!

Today I’m off to a Sabar drumming workshop with Karim and when I get back this evening P will be home.

I really am going to try and get back to blogging so see you again soon.